Resurgence Leadership Foundation is Loving Atlanta Amidst a Pandemic

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Leadership Foundations

Torrell - Cornelius' mentee

Resurgence Leadership Foundation Atlanta continues to serve youth through the multiple constraints of pandemic COVID-19. The transition from traditional mentoring to eMentoring was a process that involved many layers of research and training, but amidst children are now being safely served within this new virtual norm through the program partners of the Youth Mentoring Collaborative division of Resurgence’s organization. 


Connecting with kids is key in a time such as this. Torrell (Young Commander Participant) has found joy in perfecting his jump shot via sporadic video conference calls with his mentor, Coach Cornelius Williams. Conversations are short but substantial, as Torrell finds solace in playing basketball in his room and just seeing his friend. 


Torrell misses attending his Tuesday night meetings with Young Commanders…


“because it's welcoming, the people are nice, it's fun.”

The opportunity to still connect with his mentor through this time of social distancing has kept Torrell busy and in good spirits. Through innovation, Resurgence strives to find a better way forward, making room for kids like Torrell to still have fun! 


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