We Work

Time-Tested Method

Tapping into over 4 decades of experience, we distribute a proven model while freeing up local leaders to address the unique issues in their cities. 

Collaborative Approach

The Leadership Foundations network leverages the power of relationships and authentic partnerships in cities throughout the world to effect real and lasting change.

Global Network

Every city is unique, with built-in assets to draw upon to address its unique challenges. Leadership Foundations is a global network committed to a contextual approach.

Our Time-Tested

Tapping into more than 4 decades of experience, our "Wheel of Change" consists of 3 interconnected functions that work together to drive positive and lasting change in cities throughout the world.

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Wheel of Change_shadow
  • Engaging Leaders of Good Faith and Good Will

    We move isolated individuals to collaborative engagement.

  • Building the Capacity of Others

    We move under-resourced work to empowered action.

  • Developing Joint Initiatives

    We move independent efforts to collective impact.

Our Collaborative

Leadership Foundations leverages the power of relationships to effect real and lasting change.

Global Youth Initiative

Working together with our global network to ensure the children and youth of our cities have the tools, relationships, and resources to thrive. 

Center for Innovation

Researching, accelerating, and scaling innovative approaches to our cities’ most vexing challenges.

Theology in the Public Square

Offering tools and venues for people of faith and people of good will to engage in meaning-making conversations through civil discourse.

Advancing Diversity and Equity in Leadership

Tackling systemic racial and gender inequities by building pipelines and networks of diverse leaders. 

Change your city. change the world.

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